Primary Care

Primary Care

We specialize in providing a wide variety of services to our patients, including adult primary care, preventative medicine, women’s health, and many more! If necessary, we also provide referrals to the appropriate specialist to further your care. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please call 703.876.9300. Please consult the list below for a more detailed description of the services:

Adult Primary Care (Children Age 13 & Up)

Health Maintenance, Disease Prevention, Diagnosis and Prevention of Illnesses, Counseling, Health Promotion

Preventative Medicine

Diagnosis and prevention of illness which include: Diabetes Screening and Management, High Cholesterol, Electrocardiography (EKG), Echocardiogram, Pulmonary Function Testing, TB Screening, Medical Management of Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension (high blood pressure), Asthma Management/Nebulizer Treatments, H1N1/Seasonal flu shots, Allergies/Allergy testing, Thyroid Problems, Headaches/Migraines.

Acute Infections

Sinus Infections, Bronchitis, Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Colds and Sore Throats

Physical Examinations

Annual Health Maintenance, School, Work and Sports Physical Examinations, Pre-Operative Exams

Women’s Health

Pap Smears, Breast Cancer Screening, Birth Control, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) screening including HPV (human papiloma virus), Menopause, Vaginal Infections, Pregnancy Testing

Men’s Health

Prostate/Testicular/Colon Cancer Screening, Prostate Infections, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) screening, Impotence, Erectile Dysfunction

Nutrition and Wellness

Nutrition Guidance and Weight Management, Smoking Cessation

Mental Health

Anxiety, Depression, Difficulty Sleeping (Insomnia)


Skin Cancer Screening, Acne Management, Eczema/Skin Rashes, Skin Screening Exams for and/or Removal of Abnormal Moles