How Can I Best Protect Myself from Skin Cancer?

Summer is here! And, sunburn is a major cause of skin cancer, with 90% of melanoma are estimated to be caused by ultraviolet (UV) exposure. This includes UV exposure from the sun and from artificial sources, such as tanning beds. Read More

Fruit May Reduce Risk and Complications of Diabetes

Fresh fruit has well-known health benefits. But some experts, and some people with diabetes, question whether its high sugar content could pose risks. A large study, published in PLoS Medicine, found that eating fresh fruit may reduce the risk for developing diabetes, and the risk for its complications. Read More

Celebrating National Nutrition Month 2017

Chocolate and cake are delicious. And, despite the title of this post, there’s no reason to stop eating them. But, like with most things, moderation is key. March is the perfect month to return to a balanced diet of healthy eating! Read More

When Was the Last Time You Saw a Doctor?

You’re healthy – at least as far as you know. But if you’re like many other Americans, you see your doctor once a year just to make sure. Read More

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